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If you’re like many homeowners in the Glastonbury, CT area, you never think about your septic system until something goes wrong. When sewage backs up into your basement or your yard releases an unpleasant odor, you have no choice. You get a crash-course in septic systems as you search for a specialist with the knowledge, manpower, equipment, and the time to do the job right.

At Fecal Ferry Septic Service, we are licensed septic system experts.

When you have an emergency, we have the manpower and the equipment to inspect your system and evaluate your problem. We have the skills to do the work and we take the time to do it right.

Our experts will repair or replace your septic system but we prefer to intervene before a sewage emergency takes you by surprise. We accomplish this by performing the services that help keep your system functioning at peak performance.

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New System Installations

Your septic or sewer system can last two or more decades but at some point, it will reach the end of its useful life. When you need a replacement, we have the expertise and the experience to complete every facet of the job. Our team follows Connecticut regulations and complies with state and local guidelines. We perform every task with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Septic & Sewage System Inspections

When we inspect septic and sewage systems, we navigate our camera through your system components to visually locate and monitor any problems. Our inspection helps us determine if your system requires maintenance, repairs or replacement. It also allows us to provide critical pre-listing and pre-offer information for home sellers and home buyers and their real estate agents.

Septic System Repairs

Your system works hard to handle your home’s sewage and wastewater. It will occasionally develop a minor issue that requires attention. When you call The Fecal Ferry, we evaluate your system and repair the little problems before they become big emergencies.

Septic System Commercial Pumping & Cleaning

Just like plumbing, heating, and other vital systems in your home, your septic system requires routine care. Cleaning and commercial pumping are the only ways to prolong your system’s life expectancy and avoid the expense of installing a replacement.

Sewer & Drain and Cleaning

When a homeowner or commercial building needs sewer work, it’s usually an emergency. Major problems sometimes arise when roots clog a sewer line or a vehicle crushes a pipe. We respond by providing 24/7 emergency service in the Glastonbury area. We also conduct annual and semi-annual inspection services so we can detect and repair system issues before they become significant problems.

Consumer Education

We don’t expect you to be as well-informed about septic and sewer systems as our experts. We still believe that it’s important for you to understand how they work. That’s why we share important details with homeowners, home-buyers, home-sellers, real estate professionals, and anyone else who wants to know. We want to help consumers recognize and understand the issues that prevent their systems from functioning at peak performance.

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We’ve spent years building a service-oriented Connecticut company that keeps your needs in mind. We do everything we can to give you a quality professional experience each time you call.

We understand that we have just one chance to make a great first impression. That’s why we smile when we greet you and we keep our work areas neat and clean. We provide the service you need at a reasonable price and we always do it right.

  • 27 years of and expert service
  • On-call 24/7 for emergencies
  • 15 experts to meet your needs
  • Obtain all required permits
  • Licensed professional workers
  • Fully insured and bonded for your safety and security
  • DEEP and DPH regulation compliant