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Septic System Installation


When your septic system is performing the way you need it to, you don’t think about it at all. That changes when you need a septic system installation. Thoughts of daily raw sewage encounters monopolize your time and energy. You worry about backups contaminating your potable water supply. Economic considerations destroy your peace of mind.

When your septic system is functioning properly, it gives you years of faithful service. As with any practical system in your home, they wear down over time. Regular inspections help by targeting maintenance needs and repair issues.

When we pump or drain your commercial system or repair problems as they arise, we can extend your system’s life, but not forever. As your septic system ages, it often begins failing and replacement becomes inevitable.

Professional Septic System Installation

At Fecal Ferry Septic Service, we’re a full-service septic and sanitation company. Our inspection, maintenance, and repair services keep your septic system functioning efficiently for as long as possible. As your aging system’s functionality wanes, we help by providing professional septic system installation services. We do every job right and we do the work when you need it.

  • We respond to your septic system emergency 7-days a week
  • We service private and commercial systems
  • Whenever possible, we repair your system instead of replacing it

How Do You Know When Your Septic System Is Failing?

You might not notice when your septic system first begins to malfunction. The symptoms can be as mild as a slight odor in the air or a gentle gurgling in your pipes. As the condition worsens additional signs arise that you can’t ignore.

  • Bad odor in your yard or home
  • Water accumulation in your yard
  • Healthier grass due to excess water
  • Toilet won’t flush properly
  • Slow draining water in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Raw sewage backups in your basement

We Follow Connecticut’s Public Health Codes

Connecticut’s Public Health Codes and “On-site Sewage Disposal Regulations” establish standards for septic system design and installation. The guidelines help prevent public health and environmental concerns caused by improper septic system installation and maintenance.

Standardized regulations and guidelines minimize the chances that untreated sewage will contaminate ground and surface water. They also prevent unnecessary costs to local and state governments and private property owners.

The Connecticut Health Department estimates that there are up to 300,000 private sewage systems in Connecticut. They further estimate that approximately 15,000 systems annually need repair or maintenance.

    Meeting Our Customer’s Needs

    At Fecal Ferry Septic Service, we perform your septic system installation to your satisfaction. As with every job we complete in the Glastonbury, CT area, we perform each job with quality products, materials, and workmanship.

    Licensed and insured installation professionals perform each task. We follow Connecticut regulations and state and local codes and guidelines. When our team is finished with your job, we never leave a mess behind.

    • New Septic Installations
    • Septic System Replacements
    • Septic and Sewer System Repairs
    • 24/7 Emergency Response
    • System Camera Inspections
    • Commercial Pumping and Cleaning
    • Preventative Inspections
    • Real Estate Inspections
    • Educational Presentations
    • Portable Restroom Services