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Septic System Repairs

When your septic system begins functioning erratically, it’s rarely a pleasant experience. Of course, it’s not always a disaster either. At least not during the early stages. Sometimes a problem begins as a slight odor, a slow flushing toilet, or a water backup in your tub. If you seek septic system repairs immediately these problems don’t have to get any worse.

Minor draining issues give you a heads-up that there’s a bigger problem in the making but they don’t have to become emergencies. Septic system repairs can often restore your system to healthy functioning if you address the problems right away.

We Take Septic Systems Seriously

At Fecal Ferry Septic Service, we realize that your septic system plays an important role in keeping your home clean and sanitary. You need your system to run properly but a full replacement is often expensive and inconvenient. Wherever possible we keep your system in service by identifying the problem and performing the right septic system repairs.

Why You Might Need Septic System Repairs

Your septic system will last for years but like every other system in your home, it requires maintenance. Sometimes you must repair or replace an important component. A number of conditions can damage or strain your system.

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper design and construction
  • Weather and temperature extremes
  • Tree root overgrowth
  • System overuse
  • Poor or no maintenance
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Septic System Repair Options

Before we determine how to resolve your issues, we inspect your system, assess its functionality, and look for problem areas. If we need to “get inside” of your pipes, tank or leaching field, we use a camera to perform the inspection. When we complete our inspection, we understand your problem better and we can explain your options.

Septic system repairs are less expensive compared to full system replacement but they’re not always simple. Returning your system to full functionality may require minor repairs such as a distribution box or broken pipe replacement. Repairs can also be major. These may include replacing a cracked septic tank or a damaged leaching field. Whatever we find, we have the experience and the expertise to complete the repairs in compliance with state and local standards.

    Meeting Our Customer’s Needs

    At Fecal Ferry Septic Service, we do every job professionally and we treat each customer right. Every operation we perform is properly insured and bonded. Where required, we coordinate our efforts with Connecticut health agencies. We obtain the appropriate septic tank repair permits and licenses and we follow all state and local regulations and guidelines.

    If you notice a minor problem with your septic system, call us as soon as possible. The minor repairs we complete now can save you a major problem later.


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